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Birdsmouth Fencing


Birdsmouth fencing (also referred to as knee rail fencing) is popular for creating an attractive and strong boundary, birdsmouth fencing is particularly popular in car parks or play areas.

At The Sawmill we offer a 100mm x 100mm (4×4), 1200mm (4ft) length pre-cut Birdsmouth Post along with a 75mm x 75mm (3×3), 2.4m (8ft) length rail and galvanised strap all at £5.75 plm. incl. VAT. Just multiply your fence length by £5.75 and you have your overall price!

All our timber is fully pressure treated in either green or brown. This treatment increases the longevity of the timber.

We can also supply other specifications.

Please contact The Sawmill on 01924 374 953 or use our contact us page if you require further details or wish to place an order.




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